It is important to solve the problem appropriately and legally if you want to reduce the impact on your children. As tempted as you may be, it`s important not to hit your ex on your kids or show your anger at your ex when your kids are there. Instead, go through the court system and have custody-related conversations with your ex or others if your children can`t hear you. This can help you find a better solution without worrying about making things even more difficult for your kids. If you have custody problems, it is important to seek help. You don`t necessarily need to hire a lawyer; In fact, you may find that it is surprisingly expensive to do so. Instead, you can look for more affordable options to help you with your childcare situation. Contact us at National Family Solutions to find out how we can help you. Here are some steps you can take to resolve issues with the order or agreement: If you`re hoping the custody order will be changed in your favor, make sure you`re well prepared for court.

In addition to proving that your ex violated the custody order, you may want to provide other evidence that could help the courts rule in your favor. For example, proving that you are financially stable and that you have a good, safe home and a stable lifestyle can help. Some parents even choose to take parenting classes in order to learn valuable parenting skills and look good before the custody process. If your ex doesn`t allow you to see your children or otherwise violates the custody order in place, you can file a motion to have your case sent back to court. When you take this step, a number of things can happen. The actions the court takes will depend on a few factors. If your ex has generally followed the custody order so far, this may help your ex`s case. If you violate a court order or agreement (don`t do what it says): So trying to get more custody or visitation time outside of court approval can actually lead to a situation where you lose your custody or access rights. Therefore, it is important that you work closely with a duty counsel in your area if you have any questions or concerns about custody or access. Your lawyer can help you answer your questions and guide and represent you through the custody process. Children benefit from an ongoing relationship with both parents.

But if one of the parents violates the agreement, things change and the child`s relationship with that parent could be damaged. What worked at the time of your divorce may not work for you now or in two years. Parents change jobs and move to a job, and “regular weekend visits” can be much more difficult than signing your visiting agreement. If you violate an order or agreement, first try to settle things with the other person (the law calls it the other party) yourself. Going to court can cost a lot of time and money. .