Blackmail – A person who makes money through illegal transactions or crimes such as extortion, corruption, fraud, etc. Press conference – A press conference in the United States. A meeting held by a company, organization, individual, etc., where journalists are invited to hear a public announcement and usually ask questions. Free market – A market where the prices of goods and services are influenced by supply and demand and not by state regulation. FTSE – An acronym for the Financial Times Stock Exchange (index), commonly known as “Footsie”. There are various FTSE indices(indices), including the FTSE 100, the London Stock Exchange`s top 100 equity index, whose movement is considered an important indicator of national (and broader) economic health and recovery. The FTSE 100 accounts for about 80% of the market capitalisation of all stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange, which is interesting considering the total number of listed companies. For Pareto enthusiasts (the “80-20 rule”), this represents 3.3% of listed companies, which represents 80% of the total market value of London-listed companies, which is an extreme concentration ratio even by Pareto standards. When economic commentators say “. the Footsie is high/low (a number of points)… This is a reference to the relative movement of share prices between companies (normally) listed in the FTSE 100. The owner and operator of the Footsie is FTSE Group, which is essentially a provider of business information and data services, including through stock exchanges and commodities.