Allows service partners to register on behalf of customers as purchasing agents. As long as they act within the framework of their agreement with the customer and the customer is aware of this and takes positive measures (for example. B payment for the software), he can register on behalf of the customer. 3.2 The company`s responsibility for data and security. The Company and its authorized users have access to the Company Data and are responsible for any modification and/or deletion of Company Data and the security of all passwords and other access protocols necessary to access the CrossLead module. The company has the ability to export corporate data from the CrossLead module and is encouraged to create its own backups of the company data. The company is solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability and adequacy of all company data. The Company acknowledges and agrees that, unless otherwise agreed between the parties to this Agreement or in a separate written agreement, CrossLead is not required to safeguard company data, nor is it liable for loss or damage to company data, and crossLead is not required, under this agreement, to retain company data at the expiration or end of the period. Our standard and premium SaaS agreements and terms include SLAs that cover availability and support. 12.12 Total Terms. The conditions are the final, complete and exclusive agreement of the parties with regard to the subject matter of the contract and replace and merge all prior discussions between the parties in this regard. A good way to approach your terms of use is to imagine a number of potentially rare, but still possible, situations that may occur between you and a customer, and indicate how such situations should be dealt with in the agreement.

Many of these third-party affiliates need access to your customer database to perform their services, resulting in potential privacy issues. Second, you probably need a privacy policy. Data protection policies are used by organizations that act as data controllers in order to impose entities related to the processing of personal data. Even if you are a subcontractor when it comes to much of the personal data in your database, you are probably a responsible person in some respects. For example, you would usually be a personal data controller in your customer relationship management system. For more information, see our free privacy policy. No, privacy is in effect. If you are certified under the Privacy Shield, you remain bound by your obligations under this policy, both to the Department of Commerce and to all customers you have signed under the Privacy Shield. Regardless of how your SaaS app works, you must have both a privacy policy and an agreement on your app`s terms of use/terms of use.

Each of these agreements is intended for different purposes. Irene Bodle is an IT lawyer specializing in SaaS and cloud computing contracts with over 14 years of experience in the IT industry. If you need assistance with saaS or cloud computing contracts, GDPR or other IT law matters, contact me: HAVE agreed on the following contractual clauses (clauses) in order to adequately ensure the protection of privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals for the transfer of the personal data referred to in Annex 1 by the data exporter to the data importer. A Terms of Use Agreement is a legally binding contract between you and your customers. Here, you define the rules and policies that your customers must follow to access the service you provide as a SaaS application.