Good information. I have historical service rights to the house I bought, with a wall and fence available for purchase. The neighbour was unaware of the easements and threatened to subsume the fence and threaten assault. When he finally got a poll, he invaded me and recently had a tantrum, throwing a pot planter and hitting my house. He walked into the neighbor on the other side until she had a poll. Guy looks like an unfortunate tyrant. A real estate lawyer can help you design the service contract. Your neighbor should cover all costs related to the preparation of the service contract and the registration of the document. You can even structure the service agreement so that your neighbor pays you an annual fee to keep the wall on your land. If he built the wall of your property, you will have it in a difficult place. Q: My neighbor recently extended a retaining wall for a driveway and entered our property at a distance of 12 inches by 9 feet. We examined our land 3 weeks after construction and found out this.

For more information about your legal rights or the establishment of the easement agreement, contact a real estate lawyer. The easement required by your neighbour gives him the right to keep the retaining wall on your property without you being able to have it removed in the future. If you plan to sell your home, the easement would also ensure that your buyer can`t require your neighbor to remove the wall. Now let`s look at the other side. Assuming you wouldn`t have allowed your neighbor to build the retaining wall on your property, even if your neighbor had good reasons to do so, you can now ask the neighbor to remove the wall from your property or demand that they pay you a fee for the privilege of having the wall on your property. Our neighbor proposes that we solve the problem by providing him with an easement for this use. What would be the implications for us? If your neighbour had come to you and asked if he could install the retaining wall on part of your property, would you have agreed? If you had accepted his request, you will have nothing to lose if you give him servitude. If you had contradicted, you will have a decision to make. One issue you need to consider is the impact of the wall on your property….