Pursuant to the terms of the Administrative Agreement, which will apply for a period of five years, BP has agreed to a number of security and operational, ethical, compliance and corporate governance requirements, including those contained in the corrective decision resulting from BP`s 2012 Plea Agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the final order of judgment with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It is the EPO`s responsibility to act as a link between federal authorities and state and local governments to ensure that federal institutions act in good faith to resolve compliance issues in a timely manner. Compliance issues in many areas of environmental control (e.g.B. Air, Water, RCRA) has appointed a Federal Compliance Coordinator at each EPO regional office, who forwards notifications of non-compliance received to the corresponding EPO programmes and monitors efforts to ensure compliance. This coordinator is empowered to intervene if necessary to assist in the negotiation of compliance agreements and to use established compliance management procedures to raise issues at higher levels, both within the EPO and at the headquarters of other federal authorities. The transaction involves an obligation for the EPO not to sue herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis, Inc. in accordance with sections 106 and 107(a) of CERCLA or to take administrative action against him.

Thirty (30) days after the date of publication of this document, the EPO receives written comments on the transaction. The EPO will take into account all comments received and may amend or withdraw its consent to the settlement agreement if the comments received reveal facts or considerations indicating that the proposed transaction is inappropriate, inappropriate or insufficient. The EPO`s response to all comments received will be available for public consultation on Region 7, 11201 Renner Boulevard, Lenexa, Kansas 66219. BP announced today that it has entered into an administrative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on behalf of the federal government that resolves all issues related to the suspension, exclusion and legal disqualification of BP following the Deepwater Horizon accident and the oil spill. As a result of this agreement, BP again has the right to enter into new contracts with the U.S. government, including new deep-water leases in the Gulf of Mexico. As part of the administrative agreement, BP will dismiss its appeal against the EPO in Texas Federal Court for disqualification and inappropriate legal suspensions. As indicated in the five separate media agreements in Annexes I-V, the EPO and the DEC have agreed on criteria that constitute timely and appropriate application. In accordance with the criteria, the Office of General Counsel has prepared its proposed final work plans so that they contain the following elements: these agreements provide a solid basis for improving environmental enforcement.

In addition, they provide the framework for an ongoing review of public and federal efforts in this area, thus ensuring an ever-increasing level of improvement in health and the environment. New York State was enthusiastic about discussions on these agreements because of CED`s commitment to strong environmental enforcement. The coordination of directives and procedures with the federal government was seen as an excellent opportunity for CED to advance its enforcement efforts. The EPO and deC are proud to set up this new implementation structure. The implementing agreements concluded today between the DEC and the EPO are among the first agreements of this kind concluded between the country`s national and federal governments. The various media agreements, which are presented as Annexes I-V, may be amended by the agreement of the DEC and CEPOL programmes and the legal officials to whom responsibility for the programme has been delegated without the need to obtain the authorisation of the Regional Administrator/Commissioner. Documents subject to revision and annexed to agreements with the media may, where appropriate, be updated in accordance with established procedures. .

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