Under “Payment Method” we will give a specific explanation of how the money was received. Check the control boxes in cell A23 (“credit card number”), cell A24 (“control number”), cell F23 (called “cash”), and cell F24 (with “other”). Each corresponds to a control box. Select the method by which this deposit was deposited by clicking on the corresponding box and typing the desired information (if any). In the event that the buyer of the boat has deposited the deposit with a direct transfer, the “Other” field must be marked and indicated in the available field. In some states, it may not be necessary to sell boats to close the sale, but using a sale is a good idea because it proves the details of the deal. The name of this storer must be displayed in the first line of this section. The buyer may feel that he has a legitimate reason to withdraw from the sale, and this may be because he can no longer afford the item. .

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