Don`t see anything that fits your needs? Please contact us. Do you want a stress-free AED program? Look at our AED leasing with daily monitoring. We rent a variety of AEDs connected with SmartLink, Wi-Fi AEDs or AED Sentinel. You perform daily monitoring, not just monthly, so you can be sure that all AEDs are operational in your business. Security companies can rent and return an automated external defibrillator for real estate if the contract changes, eliminating investment risk. Equipment leases are structured to meet your needs. Altra Medical owns the equipment and provides you with spare pods and batteries included in the rental agreement. Simply return the AED at the end of the lease. They are ideal for fitness centers to protect your customers without saving a lot of capital. They are also perfectly suited to housing ownership communities in which boards of directors do not necessarily wish to make this initial investment, but want to protect the Community. Click here to see our special Philips OnSite-à-propre package! Do you need an AED rent, lease or purchase? We`re here to help! We offer many AED leasing options as well as payment plans to own a Philip HeartStart AED for just 35 $US per month, so anyone can afford an AED. Leasing fits some business plans because it offers minimal upfront investments and an easy-to-make monthly payment.

We can structure a payment to meet your needs. If you are renting an AED, make sure your device has been approved or is approved by the FDA-Pre-Market Approval (PMA) process, which all manufacturers must perform to support their AEDs after 2022. All devices in our AED rental program are PMA approved. Would you like to rent our AEDs? Please call or fill out the form below – our friendly and experienced customer team will help you meet your requests. It is not enough to lease (or purchase) automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and install them. The decision to add AEDs to your facility`s safety program is a great idea, but this life-saving equipment can only do its job if it is up to date and ready to save lives. If you fill out the form below, do NOT commit to buying anything. We`ll just talk, make sure it sticks well. So, let`s join hands! The ReviveR® View AED is a great option for your internal emergency team.

Read more Our leasing packages give you access to state-of-the-art high-tech products without compromising your own financial balance. This way, your business stays healthy and you can focus on what really matters, which is the development of your AV productions. Also use AED Lease to finance the purchase of second-hand equipment or brands that are not distributed by the AED Group. Premedics takes this concern off your plate. Our know-how and best practice process gives you the certainty that your AEDs are ready if they are needed. Adding automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to your facility`s safety program is a great idea — but they can often be an expensive upfront investment that goes beyond your budget realities, not to mention their endless maintenance costs like replacing batteries and pads, etc. .