Accessibility: If you would like a printed copy of the student contract or a copy in another format, please contact SID. We are happy to comment on your experience as a university student and look to make improvements where we can. If there is something you are unhappy about, let us know immediately, so that we can, if possible, correct it. If you wish to complain about a lawsuit or an inactive action by the university or an aspect of our service, you can do so as part of the appeal procedure. The university also offers a free mediation service that can be used to resolve most complaints quickly and easily. National Student Survey (NSS)For details on data shared with Ipsos MORI, see: Student Loans Company (SLC)The university is required to share courses, fees, registration and attendance information with the SLC to ensure that a student`s funding plan is correct. For more information, see: paid internships or other internships that are not intended for academic credit (i.e. the student wants an experience in a particular field or with a given company) do not require agreement between the university and the site, because the university does not coordinate the internship experience. The university will support students outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who need a tier 4 (general) visa to study full-time in the UK.

The university is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive community that promotes well-being and enables all students to reach their full potential. Our commitment to prioritizing and implementing an academic approach to well-being is rooted in our mental health and wellness strategy. Student services provide all students with a full range of support services to ensure that you have support and productivity experience during your studies. For other students, you are informed of the documents you need to read in your letter of offer or during the application process. By accepting your offer, you confirm your consent to these documents. How are medical calculations managed when a student is injured during an internship or service experience? At the beginning of the academic year 2020/21 (effective September 21, 2020), the university has introduced a new procedure for academic misconduct, which aims to help students develop academic integrity and understand cases where this integrity could be compromised. The procedure defines the process that the university will follow and the sanctions that we can apply if we believe that a student may have violated his academic integrity because of academic faults.