Custody issues are often a top priority for unmarried parents or co-parents who are in a divorcing situation. Many co-parents make enormous efforts to reach consensual, equitable and ultimately child care-benefiting arrangements to care for their children. Unfortunately, these agreements are only their ability to be implemented. What can you do if a parent or legal guardian objects to the terms of your custody in accordance with the contract? If it turns out that you have been wrongly denied time to education or contact with the other person, the judge may order it: custody is about the custody rights a parent must have to have the child with him, as well as various other rights related to the child (for example. B the right to make decisions on his behalf). These rights can be shared between parents. There are different types of custody and custody rules, including: When dealing with custody issues, it is important to seek help. You don`t necessarily need to hire a lawyer; In fact, you might find it surprisingly expensive to do so. Instead, you can see more affordable options to help in your detention situation. Contact us under National Family Solutions to find out how we can help.

If you do not follow part of an education or arrangement order, you could be in serious trouble. Try to sort things out to make life easier for yourself. If you can show the court enough evidence that the other parent (or someone else) is considering removing your children from the BC and probably won`t bring them back to LAC, the court can order them: If you have to go to court, you should keep accurate records of all violations of the visit. Keep a book sheet, or check a calendar with dates and times where the other parent element of the order did not follow and was not displayed, or it was displayed late or caused other problems. Solving the problem on a legal and appropriate basis is essential if you want to reduce the impact on your children. Even if you are tempted, it is important not to subject your ex to your children or to show your rage towards your ex when your children are there. Instead, go through the justice system and interview your ex or others if your children can`t hear you. This can help you find a better solution without worrying about making things even harder for your children. It is often recommended that you speak directly to your co-parent and/or his or her lawyer to express your concerns before taking legal action.