“We believe in the collective bargaining process and have worked hard to get the best possible collective agreement for students, university staff and the broader campus community.” This article is a fusion of the cover of The Carillon on the week of the week of the newspaper. For the full article, please visit our website on carillonregina.com URFA President Sylvain Rheault said in an interview that the offer came without request by email and spoke of the terms of the agreement. “I respectfully recommend that the administration recognize the validity of the URFA strike notice and return to negotiations. All students and university staff, as well as public opinion, expect that we will reach a fair agreement on March 25 and 26. Mr. Rheault called the agreement “pretty good” because it gives flexibility to the union by doing so week after week, given the possible length of work. “As we have worked hard at the negotiating table for an agreement with the URFA, the university`s priority is to ensure that all members of the campus and wider community receive timely updates and important information.” Propst Thomas Chase, who represents the negotiation management page, agreed that since 2009, the number of unfilled directors at the university has increased by more than three times as many as the number of faculty employees, but said it was wrong to think that all of these employees were senior managers. By intensifying the rhetoric on possible work measures, Carillon confirmed, as first by Dr. Alec Couros after a field search on a university website, that the University of Regina has hired a large public relations company, NATIONAL Public Relations, to handle communications sent during the strike, including the website above. “Until the university is suspended, all research funds from universities, federal, provincial and other external aid agencies will remain available to researchers and can be used for research, travel and other research expenditures approved in advance.” On Friday, March 15, despite the support of a mediator, it was announced that the two sides had not reached an agreement, leaving open the possibility of a labour dispute at a time when students are going to the most stressful part of their academic semester.