Cooperation between the parties to share knowledge and expertise offers many commercial advantages with parties capable of benefiting from common risks and rewards. However, there are many possible pitfalls if a cooperation agreement or commercial joint venture is not carefully planned and structured. A lack of detail and clarity can lead to costly and damaging disputes for both parties. This is particularly the case for the ownership and exploitation rights of intellectual property that were created during the agreement. Our lawyers strive to identify potential risks, problems and pitfalls in order to structure effective and sustainable agreements, all parties know where they are. Delivery agreement lawyers Our commercial lawyers advise a number of companies, from start-ups to international groups, project of… Our commercial lawyers advise you strategically on a series of cooperation and commercial joint venture agreements, often building, verifying and negotiating detailed agreements to protect our clients` business interests. Our membership in Interleges, an international alliance of law firms in the EU, the Middle East and North and South America, means that we have trusted partners with whom we work on international cooperation agreements to discuss all aspects of local and international law. Business Lawyers` Terms Our business lawyers understand that strong business conditions are fundamental to growth and development… In the second article in a series on protecting the value of the buyer in M-A-Deals, partner James Worrall discusses in our corporate team… Outsourcing Lawyers Our business lawyers advise on a range of outsourcing projects, often developing, auditing and negotiating… Our corporate team negotiated for WRc plc on the sale of Water Research Centre Ltd (WRc) to RSK Group Ltd.

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