(p) No brokerage fees. Neither the company nor any of its subsidiaries are parties to a contract, agreement or agreement with another person, a company, a company (including a utility company), a limited liability company, a limited liability company, an associated company, an entity or entity or entity (a person) that would create a valid claim against it (except this agreement) or the parties to the undertaking for an intermediation commission. , research costs or similar payment in business opening plans, none of the companies or any of its subsidiaries has established, sponsored or maintained a defined benefit pension plan or other benefit plan, program, policy, agreement or agreement under the laws of a jurisdiction other than the United States of America (a foreign plan). No foreign plan has unfunded liabilities. (iii) Neither the company nor any of its subsidiaries is involved in a substantial tax allocation or tax allocation agreement with third parties (with an agreement other than an agreement whose main objective is not the distribution, acceptance or compensation of taxes). Neither the company nor any of its subsidiaries are liable for a significant amount of taxes from another person or organization (except the company or its subsidiaries), either by law, by contract, or as an acquirer or successor. In entering into a contract of engagement, the associated organization has assumed full responsibility for the number of shares indicated when they are not sold initially and promises to make the associated capital available in exchange for the available shares. (a) termination. This agreement may be terminated by (i) by the mutual written agreement of the company and the necessary parties of commitment, by written notification to the other party or (ii) either to the company or to the necessary parties of commitment, if the effective date of the plan has not reached or before the date following the seventy-five (75) days following the date of the petition (the following). , subject to the extension of the section 4 release date or by mutual agreement of the parties to the necessary commitment and the company, in writing (with e-mail extension); if, prior to the injury, all conditions of effectiveness of the plan (as stipulated in this agreement) and for this agreement are met or cancelled in all cases, if any, or where conditions that must be met by their nature on the effective date of the plan must be met, with the exception of the conditions covered in points 10 (d) and 11() , because the parts (as defined in the RSA) are not filled. having received all necessary authorizations or authorizations from the Competition Act and Act, or the waiting times have not expired, the Outside Date is automatically extended until (x) ninety (90) calendar days and (y) five (5) working days after the day all necessary authorizations and authorizations of the Regulatory and Competition Act have arrived and the waiting deadlines expire.

, or at another time agreed in writing between the parties to the necessary commitment and the company (the e-mail address being sufficient).