On June 23, 2020, the Nouvelon Catholic School Board and the Franco-Ontarian Teachers` Association of Ontario – Local 61 – agreed on a three-year tentative agreement. The ratification meeting is scheduled for September 22, 2020. (AEFO Media Release) – After more than 34 days of negotiations, the Franco-Ontarian Teachers` Association (AEFO) has reached a preliminary agreement with the Ontario government and the Bargaining Employment Agency (EBA, the 12 Francophone school boards) for the renewal of collective agreements for Franco-Ontarian teachers that have expired since August 31, 2019. Details of the agreement remain confidential until AEFO members ratify it. The date of the ratification vote will be announced shortly. This is the government`s fourth interim agreement with teachers` and education workers` unions – ahead of the OECD, ETFO and ETFO EW, as well as two ratified agreements with CUPE and EWAO – that provide stability and security for more students and families in Ontario. “Many people have made considerable efforts in the negotiations on this agreement and we greatly appreciate their contribution. Their efforts will enable us to provide a stimulating work environment for all members of our school community,” added Paul Henry, Director of Education at CSC Nouvelon. The interim agreement is expected to be ratified by 16 December 2020. Earlier this month, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association reached a preliminary agreement with the government and is holding ratification votes on April 7 and 8. The union said details of the agreement would remain confidential until ratification and that a date for a members` vote had not yet been set. Anne-Marie G√©lineault, Vice-President of the Ontario Far North Public School Board, said: “The Council is very pleased with the proposed agreement that benefits teachers in the CSPGNO.

By working with our teachers, we are able to continue to provide our students with first-class training in a stimulating and dynamic learning environment. Francophone teachers are the third of four unions to have reached a provisional contractual agreement after months of labour disputes in which they stopped working in protest. Only the Ontario Secondary Education Teachers` Federation has not yet reached an agreement, the province had previously entered into preliminary contracts with the Ontario Teachers` Association and the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation.