As an Eastern, Native and Western style physician, I have been able to build a full view of the different modalities of healing available to the modern day human.  I see so much distrust by Americans of Western medicine.  I understand these concerns.  Many times I have these concerns.

Yes there are many side effects to Western medications, yes there are overly aggressive treatments to common conditions, and yes the in and out in 5-10 minutes is exhausting and mentally dissatisfying.  But despite these things, we cannot argue with the many very large studies that have proven to help lengthen our lives.  These particular treatments like statins, blood pressure medications and diabetes medications are really treatments for the terribly unhealthy western lifestyle.  In no way is western medicine improving on a purely natural state of wellness.   It is attempting to combat the obesity and over consumption that has infected our society.

With the right doctor all patients, even those living an unhealthy lifestyle, overweight or obese can reduce their risk factors for early death with Western medication until they are ready to win their own personal battle with unhealthy eating patterns.

One thought to “Can we trust Western Medicine any more?”

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    A little off-topic but I saw even more evidence reported in the news today that statins are dangerous – glad I gave them up when I did. Makes me worry what else we’re being fed that’s secretly killing us…


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