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Rolando Tringale is a physician who practices medicine in Los Angeles.  He has a passion for helping patients navigate their use of substances for recreational purposes, self-medication, and performance enhancement.  Using evidence based medicine, Dr. Tringale helps patients who use substances at California State University of Los Angeles and Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles.  He has a passion for working through the multitude of reasons people use substances, a patient-physician team, working with the patient not against them.  These experiences have allowed him to provide an expert opinion in many matters regarding recreational and medical use of a variety of substances. Dr. Tringale has trained extensively in both Western Medicine at USC School of Medicine and in Natural approaches of herbal medication, dream theory, yoga, and most importantly the understanding of meeting fellow humans where they are.


In order to meet your case testimony needs, I am available in the following areas:
Cannabis: Recreational and Medical Use
Some legal cases involve comparing and contrasting recreational and medical use.  I can provide the insight necessary to deliver an understanding of how marijuana is used in a variety of ways.
Some legal cases involve opioids, either used via prescriptions obtained from physicians, or street acquired pharmaceutical opioids, or illicit opioids.  I can provide testimony regarding all of these.  Medical (pain) or recreational use.
Proper Prescribing Practices
Proper prescribing practices and standards of care of psychotropic medications are complex.  I can provide testimony to these intricacies from a humanist perspective of medicine.

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